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Wolfwood is devoted to the rescue and rehoming of the least wanted dogs from the area and constantly expanding the work with Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. Our district covers Lancaster, Morecambe & the ever - increasing surrounding area. We are based just outside Lancaster & recover orphaned, injured & displaced wildlife, giving them sanctuary & nurturing them back to health, in the hope that eventually they can be safely released. , horses, .

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Looking to adopt a dog? Please note the homing procedure on “Dogs for Adoption”. 07931220094 (daytime) for enquiries.

Found a wildlife casualty? Follow the “Wildlife “ link.


We are a small independent rescue centre and rely on public donations to support the work we do. If you are able to donate - THANK YOU .

Submit Elton

 Labrador Cross ELTON has been waiting since  August 2011 for his new home. He is a cracking lad, but his cosmetic eye problem is possibly the reason he is overlooked. It doesn’t alter who he is, or the fantastic addition he will be for the right family.

Elton has shared his kennel with so many dog friends who have left him for their new home, he just wants a family of his own to love and share good times with. Check out the video’s on his page.

ELTON - still patiently waiting  for his new home!

Tanya Waller is taking part in the Colour Me Rad 5k Race in Leeds on 17th May, donating online couldn’t be easier - Donate Thank you.