Wildlife Rescue

The wildlife work does not generate any income, so any contribution towards our work, saving wildlife, is very much appreciated.


Hand reared thrush 2020



All injured birds or wildlife should be assessed by a vet as soon as possible. We work with our local RSPCA officers and vets, who, after assessment and appropriate treatment, arrange for the transfer of casualties to us where they are cared for until they are ready to be released into the wild.

We take in large and small animals and have a designated area, within twenty acres of leased, wooded and open land, where wildlife cannot be stressed by domestic animals kept in close proximity. (See our release pens below)


Just some of 2020s baby birds

Our work is growing, as increasing numbers of animals and birds are in need of care and attention and we are on call and equipped to capture and resolve problems. Over the years wolfwood has successfully hand reared and released a range of animals.

If you find any injured wildlife, your local vet is the first person to call! Please make sure that your vet is aware that Wolfwood is here to take poorly wildlife, as in the past, they would have been put to sleep!

For advice, please call us on 07931 220 094.

Wildlife arrives all year round, but from April to early September it is extremely busy, with hundreds of orphans requiring regular hand feeding every 10 or 20 minutes from dawn to dusk.


Wolfwood soft release pens


Wolfwood soft release pens