8.1hh 13-year-old Miniature mare


Little Poppy is one of the newest members of the Wolfwood herd having come to us spring ’18 after her owners having to downsize.

Although Poppy is our smallest equine resident don’t let her size deceive you for this little mare has the biggest personality. Poppy is not one who likes to be fussed so is looking for a quiet life as a companion. Poppy is happy to live out with both mares and geldings of all sizes, and currently lives in a mixed herd.

If you have a little room in your heart (and field) for this big personality, please let us know.

Please note. Poppy suffers from allergies and has done all her life which has caused the skin around her eyes to lose its hair. She is currently on medication for this and is managed accordingly. The cost of her medication will be covered by Wolfwood throughout her stay in her loan home, details of which will be discussed with any prospective loaner. Her new loaner will be fully informed of her needs and further support will be provided by the charity if needed.