14hh, 18+ year-old Gelding.

After a bad start to life, handsome boy Charlie has unfortunately been in rescues most of his life

Charlie was a completely unhandled youngster and managed, through fear, to impale himself on a fence within a couple of days of arriving in his first home. The traumatic experience of being rescued by vets and firefighters caused severe psychological scarring before he was even two years old!

Charlie’s training has been a long, slow process to regain his trust which has not been in vain, he has bravely overcome many of his fears and developed quite a bond with the Wolfwood team. With his trust and confidence soaring we figured it was time to try and further his education.

In late Spring 2019 we began the process of backing Charlie and have been pleasantly surprised with his progress. Work with him is ongoing, he is a challenging project, but with massive potential. Charlie is looking for a confident understanding new owner and will eventually become a lovely ridden pony for an experienced rider.

In the meantime, it is a pleasure to have such a sweet natured, cuddly pony with us and we look forward to seeing him progress in the future.