Find Your Future Family Member

Not all rescue dogs have issues.

Some of our dogs here at Wolfwood have obviously been well cared for, trained and will fit into any dog loving home.

Many are in poor physical condition with no basic training at all and some have more serious issues, created by the people who discard them.

Wolfwood works with prospective adopters to create the best possible match.

Plenty of advice and support are part of our personal and friendly service.

We work on a one to one basis and tailor each individual dog needs to prospective new owners.

Some dogs require significant commitment from their new owners, and take more than the required visits and time together before we are happy to release them.

The dogs are all wormed, fully vaccinated, neutered (if old enough), routinely treated for fleas and microchipped before going to their new forever homes.

Take a look at our fantastic dogs all looking for a new caring and loving home! Your new ‘Best Mate’ might just be waiting here for you! 

Rehoming Procedure

Our dogs have already been abandoned once so we make every effort to make sure that your home meets the dog’s need.

We currently do not own our own premises and operate a very effective appointments system within privately owned kennels.

If you see a dog you are seriously interested in, please contact  07931220094 and arrange to meet the dog and have an informal chat with a staff member.

Dependent on the dog and situation this may be repeated, then we expect you to have three separate full days out together to ensure compatibility.

Assuming all has gone well, you may then officially adopt the dog with the intention it stays with you forever, but we are here to help.



● We cannot home dogs if you are out at work full time unless you can take the dog with you or have provision for regular breaks for the dog.

● Gardens must be secure, many dogs can jump 1.5 metres without even trying!

● Any children in the home must be old enough to understand some basic “do’s”  and “don’ts”.

● You must have the time and energy to exercise your dog one – three hours every day, dependent on dog type, in an environment that stimulates the dog e.g. park or canal towpath. 

Meet Our Dogs Looking For Forever Homes


Rubble is a medium sized Bull type. He can be very playful on the lead and will benefit from further training. He loves people and when introduced properly, can be fine with other dogs.


Rubble is a medium sized Bull type. He can be very playful on the lead and will benefit from further training. He loves people and can be fine with other dogs when introduced properly. 


Simba is a one year old Bully Cross. He is very nervous around new people with a distinct dislike for boys. He is strong on the lead so would need a confident handler. He does like other other dogs but can be defensive of his toys.


Two year old Ralph is full of energy and very playful. He loves playing with toys and other dogs, but still hasn't learnt all his manners yet, so gets a bit too excited sometimes. He will need a bit more training in all areas and someone with enough time to exercise him.


Dobs is a medium sized Labrador Cross. He is ok with other dogs but would not be suitable for young children. Dobs can be very noisy therefore needs ongoing training, however he does walk very well on the lead.


Mantis is a large female Bull type. She has responded very well to training and is very playful with other dogs. She is nervous of strangers so would need a confident handler with knowledge and experience of Bull types. 


Collie mix Mole is roughly a year old. He's food aggressive but doing well with training, although this will need to continue in his new home. He is good on the lead.


Zeke is a six year old Staffy Cross. He is very vocal and strong on the lead so would benefit from an owner with knowledge of the breed. He has been walking fine with other dogs here at Wolfwood, but is reactive to small furries.


Sparky is a one year old Bull type. He needs a confident owner with knowledge of the breed to continue with his training. No children.


Cracker is a two year old Bull Cross. She is a sweet dog but strong on the lead and needs further training. She would be best suited to a home with no children or other dogs.
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