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Welcome to Wolfwood! Wolfwood is an animal rescue centre near Lancaster, Lancashire

We take in the least wanted dogs from our district and rescue and rehabilitate all local wildlife!

Dog For Adoption
We provide shelter and care for animals that are injured or abandoned.

Our aim is to find loving homes for all adoptable animals.

We also look after injured, distressed and displaced wildlife, mainly working alongside local Vets, RSPCA Officers and occasionally the Police and members of the public.

As there are at least four other organisations in the area who deal with cats and domestic pets, we don’t normally accept them.

Our Mission

To offer refuge, care, treatment and love to all animals until where appropriate, we find them new and loving homes.

We work on correcting any unacceptable behaviour and ask new owners to continue with our advice and training.

Birds & Wildlife

All injured birds or wildlife should be assessed by a Vet as soon as possible.

We work alongside our local RSPCA Officers and Vets to provide specialized care and rehabilitation for injured wild animals, ultimately returning them to their natural habitats.


We are run by trained staff and are annually inspected and approved by the RSPCA. 

Our premises are registered and inspected annually by Lancaster City Council.


We receive no Government funding and rely on the proceeds from our two charity shops, kind donations and wonderful supporters who fundraise - we couldn't survive without them.

Help animals in desperate need : Donate, Fund Raise, Volunteer or Visit Our Shops

Dogs Needing Loving Homes

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