Cute girl Luna is our new arrival the 2 year old beagle.

She has come to us to be rehomed due to her biting the child in the home. other than this her previous owner has said she is a brilliant dog.

We have discovered Luna resource guards her items such as toys and food this is what lead to the bite, for this reason she is looking for a home with no children.

She cannot be let off the lead as she has no recall but does know the basic commands.

She is a little nervous when you first meet her but soon becomes a loving dog. She is in need of someone who is willing to work with ourselves with her guarding issues. She has lived with another dog for the past 6 months with no issues and walks well with the other wolfwood dogs.

We have noticed since she arrived that she dislikes getting left in the kennel and will become temperamental when leaving or taking the lead off. This issue is getting assessed. Anyone wanting to adopt Luna must be willing to speak and work with our dog trainer regarding her issues.

If you’re interested in adopting Luna please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

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