Big boy Kane is our eight year old Malamute.

This impressive lad is looking for a home where there is an understanding of the breed and HAVE owned Malamutes before, this is due to some behaviours he has shown in the past in his original home. Kane apparently experienced seizures in his original home, but since he arrived way back in April 2021 we haven’t seen any signs of this.

Kane has commenced a serious diet for weight reduction. He needs lots of exercise for his mental stimulation and physical health! When he’s on a walk he pulls, so requires a strong handler who can help him understand that humans are not sledges!

He’s a giant fluff that all the staff have grown to love and are hoping that after a year of searching, 2022 will be his year.

He recently went to a home and unfortunately had to be returned due to aggression with food towards another dog.

If you are interested in adopting Kane please give us a call on 7931220094 for more information.

13 thoughts on “Kane

  • Charlotte Gibson

    Hi there, how do you feel he would be in a home with children and an older dog? Thanks

  • Susan Penrith

    Hi is kane still available for rehoming please as we are very interested in him.

    • Hi susan,
      please give us a call on the number provided at the bottom of his page for a chat!

  • Joe Meil

    Would Kane be suitable with young children?

  • Victoria Jones

    Hi is Kane still looking for a home?

  • Julie Mcmurray

    Is Kane okay with an old lady cat in the house? Also I have a few friends with dogs that I walk with. Is Kane okay with other dogs? I just lost my beautiful rescue husky. So coming to terms with that. My friend has a malamute that I walk occasionally she is intelligent, has a cute howl, is 5 and funny. Lots of questions I know. We are an older adult family, I have one cat used to dogs, I have an active walking life and my dog would spend 97% of the time with me.

  • Josephine Bolton

    Is Kane still looking for a home

  • Lara

    Is Kane still looking for a home?

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