Big boy Bowser is estimated to be around three years old and came to us through the stray system.

Since arrival Bowser has shown himself to be a friendly boy with a lot of energy. Anyone considering adopting him would need to be a confident handler as he likes to jump and grab arms.

He is strong on a lead so is looking for someone who can work with him and teach him how to walk nice. Bowser knows basic commands such as ‘sit’, but will need someone who can continue his training in basic manners.

This impressive looking lad is needing a home with no children as he is quite boisterous and will easily knock them over and likes to grab when playing.

Bowser has shown no signs of aggression towards dogs and loves playing, but needs to know boundaries as once he gets going he becomes over stimulated, he needs someone willing to put time with him.

If you are interested in adopting Bowser please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information. Thank you.

21 thoughts on “Bowser

  • Marsha

    Hi is it possible to adopt if I live outside of Lancaster, in Milnthorpe? I’m very interested in bowser

  • Will Halliwell

    Does bowser still need a home ? I’m very interested

  • G bisby

    Hi is bowser still needing a home .i did notice he was missing from your photo album for a while .has he been returned.thanks

  • Sam Smith

    Hi Bowser is beautiful and I just wondered if you have any more information on him now he’s been with you a bit longer?

  • Nicola

    Hi do you iam still very interested in boswer is he still available

  • Veronica Hawkard

    Would he live with another dog??
    I have children but both teenagers!
    I have a terrier cross who is 11 years of age but I’m not sure how she would react. They could possibly have a few introductions just to see.

    • Bowser likes other dogs but likes to play rough!
      and he can sometimes be mouthy and boisterous.

      • Veronica Hawkard

        Lily likes rough play !!!!
        But she would let him know when she’s had enough

      • Veronica Hawkard

        Lily loves rough play!
        I’m just hoping in the house they would get on together!

  • G bisby

    Hi is bowser still looking for a home

  • Veronica Hawkard

    Could I come and see him with my dog???

  • Geoff

    Hi has bowser been returned to you .

  • Is bowser OK with cats?

  • Mrs S M Troughton

    Hi so was Bowser adopted out and then found as a stray as I’m sure I remember he did find a home didn’t he ???

  • Sharon Griffiths

    I’m Interested in Bowser, I walk over 20,000 steps a day,if he can keep up he would be a perfect companion, I walk my sister’s dog daily

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