Funky looking Bruno is our one year old Cockerpoo/ Jack Russell Terrier Cross.

Bruno has come in for rehoming due to him having a disagreement with his brother in a home. Since his arrival with us Bruno has learnt to walk alongside other dogs, but due to his past, we’d recommend no other dogs in the home.

Bruno is in need of basic training, but he’s still young and eager enough to start this now.

Lockdown has been a tough time for puppies learning to socialise, but with being out and about more, Bruno will soon learn and meet new friends.

When out on a walk this young lad can sometimes be rather vocal, although he is learning fast and with more time spent training we expect this behaviour to diminish.

Bruno is still under assessment and his page will be updated soon along with pictures..

If you are interested in adopting Bruno please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Bruno – IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Karen Povey

    Morning, my neighbours who are in their 70’s are looking for a dog they recently lost a dog due to old age, do you think Bruno could be suitable for them? They’re at hone & walk my dog regularly so are fairly active. They would love to take care are a new dog

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