Meet Misty the five year old miniature Pinscher.

She is a cute little girl with a big attitude! Misty loves a cuddle so long as it is on her own terms as she has been known to growl and snap if she’s given too much unwanted attention.

Misty loves coming out for a walk and gets really exited when she sees her lead, she isn’t keen on all dogs but walks nicely with the other Wolfwoodies. She also walks really well on a lead.

Misty is looking for a child free home, ideally a calm environment where she can strut her stuff and create a bond with someone she can trust who isn’t going to let her rule the house and become the sassy girl she thinks she is!

More photos coming soon

If you are interested in adopting Misty please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

4 thoughts on “Misty-IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • steph rignall

    does misty like big soppy laid back very friendly dogs? as she sounds perfect!

  • Christine Sargent

    Hi. I’m interested in giving misty a home.
    I’m retired and looking for a small companion. I own my own house with an enclosed garden.

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