Impressive looking Thor is our two year old American Bull Dog Cross.

Thor has come to us due to not getting along with the other dog in the household.

Thor can be strong on a lead but overall does walk well. He has had a grumble at a few other Wolfwoodies but nothing aggressive. Thor can sometimes be a little bit nervous when someone touches him, but this may be down to him still getting used to the staff and his new environment.

He has a lot of weight to throw around and has been trying to play when out on walks. He can’t contain the Zoomies! We have been trying to keep him calm on a lead as he’s currently walking really well. He seems to be responding to this and is loving coming out for walks.

Although Thor is good with children we would suggest no small ones or those who haven’t been around dogs before due to his size and he’s also quite boisterous.

Thor is still under assessment and his page will be updated soon with more information and pictures.

If you are interested in adopting Thor please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

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