This is big lad Jacko the 1 and a half year old Labrador

He has come to us through no fault of his own and is on the look out for a new active owner who can take him on lots of walks.

Since arriving Jacko has caused no problems and although pulls a little at first he soon settles nice and walks well on a lead.

He is good with people and children but is big and still young so may knock small kids over.

Although Jacko seems friendly towards other dogs he can sometime come across intimidating as he’s a big boy who likes to get in the faces!

If you are interested in adopting jacko please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information

12 thoughts on “Jacko- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Lucy

    Hi. Do you think he would be OK with a cat?

    • Wolfwood

      he is still under assessment and at this moment we are unsure how he will be with cats sorry.

  • Eva Davidson

    Hi , we’re very interested in jacko. Our family has always had labs and we’ve been looking for one for a while and he seems perfect x

    • Wolfwood

      Jacko is now reserved please keep an eye on the website and give us a call if theres any changes/ anyone lese ! 🙂
      thankyou for taking your time to look at our dogs

  • Cheryl Fawcett

    Hi is jacko still available

    • Wolfwood

      Hello cheryl, Jacko has someone coming to see him please keep your eye on the website for a update.

  • Jayne Woollam

    If Jacko becomes available we would love to offer him a hone

  • Joseph Grimley

    Is he still available we have had a big lab before my youngest child is 8 and not to fusy with dogs am in the armed forces and based in cattrick and as am living in hear and going to Glasgow on weekends if he can travel he would be ideal family member for our family
    And I think he fit in well with us

  • Jayne Woollam

    We are still here if Jacko needs a home…

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