Homing Procedure

Please note; Our dogs come from a wide range of backgrounds; some have known the love and security of a home before, but some have not. Be advised that although Wolfwood makes every effort to inform new owners to the behaviours and needs of their new dog, many dogs have histories unknown and as such may require a bit more patience when entering into their new routine.

1. Choose your dog and arrange to Visit the centre

Once you’ve chosen a dog give us a call to have a informal chat to decide if you are suitable for each other. We will invite you to book an appointment to meet your chosen dog/s and take them out for a walk to ensure you are comfortable and confident with handling them. We ask that you visit the dog on at least 3 occasions to allow you to bond with one another, these visits also include taking them out for the day.
Once you are fairly certain you have found your perfect match we will then be happy to proceed to the next stage.

2.Home check

A member of the Wolfwood team with then arrange a home check with you. This ensures that the home will be safe and secure for your new dog/s.

3.Home trial and adoption papers

After a number of sessions and your successful home visit you will be able to take the dog home for a trial. The length of the trial can vary depending on the dog, but will allow you to ascertain if the dog is right for your home.

We can then go forward with finalising the adoption by signing the adoption papers and once all that is complete the dog/s will officially be yours!

All dogs taken from Wolfwood will be flea’d, wormed, vaccinated, Spayed/ neutered and microchipped. Ongoing advice and support will be supplied as required.

Ex-Wolfwood Bubba (left), happliy rehomed