Equine Rehoming Procedure

Please note; Horses are social animals that find comfort and security in a group environment. For this reason Wolfwood will not rehome a horse if they will be the sole horse on the premises.

We are thrilled you are looking to rehome one of our rescue horses! To ensure we find the perfect match for both horse and loaner our rehoming procedure consists of 6 stages which are briefly outlined below.

1.Fill out an online ‘Equine Application Form’.

The information collected via this form allows Wolfwood to make a preliminary evaluation as to a loaners desires and asses as to whether any of our horses would be suitable.

2.We contact you.

After receiving your application, one of our team will contact you via phone and we will discuss any horses that we consider suitable for your needs. This informal chat will allow us to better understand your needs and also allow you to ask any questions regarding the chosen horse.
We endeavour to contact you within a week of receiving your application, however this may be longer during busy periods so we ask for your patience and understanding.

3.Meet your chosen horse.

We will invite you to book an appointment to meet your chosen horse. Here we will ensure that you are comfortable and confident with handling the horse; while also allowing you time to bond with them.
If it is a ridden horse you are viewing, you will be required to ride the horse on a number of occasions to ensure that they are the perfect match for you.
You will be expected to visit the horse on at least 2 occasions (possibly more with a ridden horse) before we are happy to proceed to the next stage.

4.Home check.

When you are certain that you have found the perfect horse we will then arrange a home check to the premises where the horse will be kept. This is too ensure that the area is safe, secure and well equipped for a new equine arrival; we are not looking for perfection.


Once the home check has been carried out, the contract stating the terms and conditions of the loan will be put in place between Wolfwood and the new loaner. This will cover all aspects of the loan and safeguard all involved to ensure the best possible care for the horse going forward.
Once the re-homing fee is received, the ‘Loan for Life’ established and the contract exchanged you can then make arrangements to transport your new friend. Please note; as the new loaner, you will be responsible for the cost of transport and all costs of caring for the horse thereafter.

6.Post home checks.

One of the Wolfwood team will visit you and your new horse within the first 5 months of the loan and yearly thereafter. These visits may be unannounced and are in place to ensure you always have a support network established with Wolfwood and any help and support can be provided if needed.


By the time a horse is suitable for rehoming the charity will have invested a considerable amount of time and money into the animal. For this reason, we ask all new loaners to pay a non-refundable rehoming fee for the horse and to enter into our ‘Loan for Life’ scheme.

  • Rehoming fee- From £200 for a companion

                           – From £400 for a ridden horse

  • Loan for Life: Charitable donation of £5 per month taken by direct debit for the duration you have the horse.