Milo is a six year old Border Collie who is searching for a home with no children. Milo needs lots of mental stimulation and outdoor space as he is very anxious. He needs someone who has lots of knowledge and experience in owning Collies. He ideally needs a home where he will be outdoors most of the time, or have access to a private area of his own. Milo currently lives in a outdoor kennel in a quiet area on site as many of the things such as wildlife, dogs, people and vehicles stress him, so he enjoys the quiet areas.

Wolfwood is very grateful to Lin from Happy Harvey’s Dog Coaching for donating her time and expertise in helping our dogs. Her useful updated report follows:-

“Milo is a typical Border Collie and has all the characteristics of this working breed. He loves nothing better than to play throw and fetch with “Mr Duck”, the first thing he does when he meets you is invite you to play

Although Milo walks with other dogs he can become overly focused on the ones who are walking behind, ahead or towards him, to the point of becoming over stimulated, it is then that he can react and has been known to snap.

Border Collies are known for their high intelligence and ability to learn quickly, Milo is no exception.

milo has been looking for his forever home for 3 years now. We are sure there is someone out there for him its just finding that perfect match.

If you are interested in adopting Milo please call: 07931220094 for more information.

35 thoughts on “Milo

  • Chris McPhee

    Hi my wife and I are intrested in adopting a dog like Milo. What is the first steps.

  • Mr Martin Millar

    Hi as I have already got a 4 year old border femail collie she to was a rescue but I feel she needs a companion that she could play with she has just had a good health check from the vets and attends each 3 months and should I get milo then he would be put on a plan as well jenny has a problem with dogs coming in front or near by she sits down and when they are gone she is no trouble at all I have trained her my self she was a very highly strung when I first got her now she sits looking out of the window seeing the world go by.

    • Wolfwood

      please give us a call for more information and to discuss this on 07931220094

  • Lauren

    Is he still for adoption?.

  • Jules Allwood

    Hi – we have just lost our rescue collie and feel we can offer another a good home , I am a veterinary Nurse and have experience with behaviour issues ( our last was very reactive with dogs) I’ve been looking at milo , but the only thing is we have 2 cats , our last rescue initially stalked them but then settled really well , any thoughts on cats with milo ?

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, were unsure how hed be with cats however the cockerels and chickens around site he stalks and if gets chance may bite one.
      for a more detailed chat give us a call on 07931220094 🙂 thankyou.

    • Chris Hill

      Hi Jules,
      I fostered Milo for almost 3 months. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep Milo because I live in a flat, but I often let him off the lead in a friend’s large communal garden, in which there were a number of cats. Milo never showed any interest in them at all. I don’t know how he would be with cats in the home, but I can say he didn’t show any aggression towards them outside.


  • Jen

    My kids are in love but I don’t want a dog so what do I do

  • Cath Beveridge

    We are looking for a dog to replace a much much loved dog who very sadly passed away of old age 2 months ago. We live in the countryside and have an acre of fenced garden, I don’t work so we would not have to leave him for long periods. The only issue is we have 2 cats (aged 10). They are used to dogs and got on well with our previous dog. We have 1 daughter (aged16) living at home. I have owned and loved 2 dogs (both rescue mixed breeds) and my husband has always had dogs including border collies. We would love to adopt Milo or any other dog that would tolerate cats.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello cath your home sounds lovely.
      For more information regarding milo and our other dogs please give us a call on 07931220094
      we hope to hear from you soon.

  • Joanne dent

    Hi I was just wondering if milo is still available I had a wonderful rescue collie for 13 years sadly she passed away 2 years ago so I feel ready to adopt again I live alone with no animals I’ve a front and back garden secure for a dog love Joanne dent

    • Wolfwood

      Hello joanne.
      milo has a big list of things to talk about regarding what he needs in a home.
      But please give us a call on 07931220094 for information regarding our dogs 🙂

  • John croker


    With referance to MIlo

    We live in a place called Culcheth (WA3 4PA). We’ve had a border collie for the last 15 years.

    We have good experience of the breed. We are currently winding down to semi retirement and live in a rural area which backs onto fields and a linear park. We both enjoy walking and exercise, normally 5-6 miles each day. My wife is a therapist and is home based (no visitors). Border collies are a truly wonderful breed and a joy to be with, each with their own unique challenges.

    We would be fully committed to exercising Milo (and of course the inevitable ball play) and providing training and socialisation skills if necessary.

    We are very kind, caring and loving dog owners and would take as much time as Milo needs to develop his confidence both in the home environment and outside, in addition we no children living at home.

    If you wish, we would also be willing to do a Zoom/Skype call.

    Do you have any additional photos of Milo (or maybe a video)?

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

    John and Gaynor

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, your home and lifestyle sounds lovely.
      Milo is one of our long term dogs and we have alot to say about him
      please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

  • Mrs Min Graham

    Hope you are all well.
    My name is Min and I live alone in a downstairs flat in a lovely rurally part of Heysham.
    I’ve just lost my pet collie who was 12 years old and I miss her dreadfully.
    We went for many walks daily and days out as I’m retired and I am very active can offer Milo the same plus a warm loving environment.
    Many thanks and I’ll leave contact details below.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, milo has tried living in a flat before and it didn’t work out. We feel he needs lots of outdoor space to live in to be happy. For more information though give us a call on 07931220094, or keep an eye on the website for new arrivals! 🙂

  • Ian Simpson

    He needs an alpha male.
    Most of these people don’t have any concept of what one of them is.
    I have never met a dog I didn’t comand alpha with.

    • Wolfwood

      Milo is in need of a particular home with lots of outdoor space where he can get away from people to help him cope with his anxiety.

      • Mark BIRD

        I’m interested in adopting milo i have had beagles and jackrussels dogs before I live in the country miles from the huddle and hussle of town and have unlimited time to train milo further I also live on my own thus have a lot of room

        • Wolfwood

          HI mark,
          For a more detailed talk regarding milo please give us a call on 07931220094, thankyou

  • Susan

    Hi, how would Milo be around horses?
    Do you have any other dogs coming up for adoption that are not online yet?

    • Wolfwood

      Hi susan,Milo has been around horses a few times, never off lead but he walks by them daily and has had a lot of close encounters.
      All new arrivals go onto the website as soon as they have ben assessed. Thankyou

  • Edith Watson

    I recently lost Roy, the second of two border collies I have had over the years, and coincidently, lost them both at 15 years. They were both wonderful companions. I live in a rural area and have a huge fenced off garden. Being retired, I would have the time and patience to devote myself to training milo. He would have a quiet and comfortable home.

  • Sue Retallick-Roberts

    Hi Wolfwood, We are not yet ready to commit to another dog, but we do have some items which we used successfully with Hollie-including a desensitisation CD and a thunderjacket- ( as you know, aircraft, motorbikes and thunderstorms were her thing )We are very happy to donate them to asist with the wonderful work that you do and hope they might help Milo to enjoy a less stressed life. Would you like us to drop them in for you? Best wishes to all, Sue and Paul

    • Sorry for your loss!
      We are grateful for all donations and use them where we need and where the person donating would like them to be used.
      All donations can be dropped at any charity shops or up to the kennels directly.
      Thankyou <3

  • Hi, is milo still up for adoption, as I would be interested in him.

  • Zoe Bird

    Hi, I am looking for dogs to possibly train with a charity as a service/ support dog. I do live in a flat while at university, but when I go home I have a big garden but have a cat. Our cat was best friends with my late dog so I’m not too worried about her. Would Milo be suitable?

    • Hi zoe, unfortunately milo would not be suitable as he is very grumpy and is looking for a home where he has lots of outdoor space such as a farm. 🙂

  • Grace


    Would Milo be okay living with another dog?

    • Yes he would.
      But he needs a home with outdoor space.
      if you fir the bill please give us a call 😀 !!

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