Adorable little Pig is our pug who came to us via the stray system in need of a operation. She is around 4 years old.

She is now recovering well and is ready to be rehomed.

She is a very happy girl who’s super friendly and playful and gets along with all the other dogs at wolfwood.

She walks well on a lead but can struggle on walks in the heat this is due to her breed.

She keeps up with all of the other dogs and is always in good spirit and happy to come out and play!

We are unsure how she is in a home due to her arriving through the stray system but we think she will be well behaved.

If you’re interested in adopting pig please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

4 thoughts on “Pig-IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Hi i am interested in pig the little pug i lost my dog in january i miss her and i now feel i am ready to adopt another dog and pig looks the right size for me to take a walk i live alone and want company of another dog as i have just retired and have time for walks

  • Hi i lost my dog in january and miss her and her company now im retired i like walking and would be interested in adopting a small dog i keep looking on your website but a lot seem to be on home trial i ,but will keep looking and hope i will find one and giveit a loving home it needs

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