Meet seven year old Husky Lexi who came to us via the stray system.

She is a nervous girl who takes a little time to come out of her shell but once she does shes ace!

She loves coming out for a walk and can pull a bit, but will walk well when she gets going. She loves other dogs and walks well with everyone else at wolfwood.

She is on a grain free diet as she is intolerant of grain and wheat.

Lexi is a little shy and not great at being fussed or stroked, she can jump and get the zoomies when shes touched as it can scare her sometimes.

Lexi is a happy and playful girl who is happy to be involved and loves her walks!

If you are interested in adopting her please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

6 thoughts on “Lexi- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Helen G

    Could she be rehoused with another nearly two year old dog and people friendly but daft husky?

    • Hello she has been walking well with the other Wolfwood dogs if you call 07931220094 to arrange a visit

  • Caprice

    Is Lexi okay with preschool children?

    • She came to us via the stray system so have no backgroud of her. She is very friendly with the staff

  • Nathan Adams

    Do you have any idea how lexi is with cats

    • Hello not sure how she would be with cats. Best way would be to bring her into your house on a lead and see how she reacts

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