This is Bella is a one year old Beagle cross.

Bella is a typical beagle and is into everything, as soon as she gets into the field her nose is down and her brain begins to work, so someone with past experience of beagles is a must. Bella also has a lot of energy, needs a LOT of walks and needs someone to keep up with her.

Bella is looking for a child free home due to her snapping in her previous two homes.

Bella is very vocal and reactive on a walk so is looking for someone who can help with this training, she is also working with our dog trainer and this can be continued on site and in a home. Bella has bitten when she is howling and barking.

When she was in a home Bella was fine with another dog for a few days until she began to settle then she became bossy and nasty towards the other dog, this resulted in her coming back for rehoming. For this reason she is looking for a home with no animals too.

If you are interested in adopting Bella please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Bella

  • Hi!
    I have just seen Bella on your site and I would be more than interested in meeting her. I am local and I live in the Westfield War Memorial Village in Lancaster. This is a village where you have to have done military service. I served for 22 years and I have been out for 5 years. One of my duties was on the diplomatic search team all over the world. My sniffer was a Begle. Unfortunately and totally heartbreaking, he served his full time and a fantastic time it was hence my very serious interest in Bella. I believe that she would absolutely love being part of our community and the fuss she would get off some fantastic people. I would greatly appreciate being a candidate for Bella’s future care and happiness. Thank you in advance. Tony

    • hi tony!
      wed love to have a chat regarding bella, please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.
      Our phones are really busy at the minute so if you don’t get through drop a voicemail or text!

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