Not quite a dog… but peter rabbit is our wild rabbit that came as a wildlife casualty from the vets and was suspected to be blind.

After close examinations we now believe peter can see he just doesn’t run away from humans because yep you guessed it.. he likes us!

For this reason we are looking to find peter a home as he cannot be released into the wild.

If you think you could accommodate peter and would like to adopt him please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

4 thoughts on “Peter

  • Carolyn Downs

    Is Peter neutered? I have a female rabbit who is free range in a very secure garden and garage in the day and in a hutch at night (before dusk). She had a sister who sadly died in May. I believe if I had him in a separate hutch with a run she might get used to him and then they could be friends. Rabbits are better kept in pairs. I would be happy to buy him an extra large hutch and run to live in till they got used to each other.

  • Aston

    We’d love cute! We could get a insulated hutch in sheltered garden for night time and he could run around the garden in the day and large kitchen and back room basically all downstairs while we’re in.

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