Barker- IS ON A HOME TRIAL!!!!!

This year will be Barker’s third Christmas with us !

Many people may recognise and love Barker Brown as he has been with us for a very long time. Recently he has been having trouble with his legs and has had an operation on his cruciate ligaments. We are appealing for anyone who thinks they could give him a nice warm and quiet home for him to live in his old and lazy days.

Barker is around nine years old and loves attention and snuggles. He’s looking for a foster home with no other dogs as he can sometimes be grumpy. He still enjoys his walks but can’t go too far and despite having bad arthritis, he can still be strong when he wants something! a high fence around the garden is also required as he can still jump.

Mr Brown is an absolute favourite of all the staff and volunteers and we would all love to see him in his own home, as we all feel the kennel environment isn’t doing his old legs any favours.

If you feel you and our Golden Oldie might be perfectly matched, then please contact us on 07931220094 for further information. Thank you.

36 thoughts on “Barker- IS ON A HOME TRIAL!!!!!

  • Debby Tyson

    Hi please can I come and visit barker

  • Molly

    Hi, is Barker still reserved? If he is not we would love to meet him!

    • Wolfwood

      barker is no longer reserved.
      please give us a call to discuss him !!!

  • Laura

    Hi, saw the information regarding Barker, just wondering if he is still needing a foster home as seen comments also expressing interest

    • Wolfwood

      Sorry for the delay barker is still up for foster.
      please give us a call directly on 07931220094

  • Kate Bailey

    Is Barker still available

    • Wolfwood

      Sorry for the delay in reply barker is still up for foster.
      please give us a call directly on 07931220094

  • Hollie

    Is he still looking for a foster home? Are we still able to look into this during lockdown?

    • Wolfwood

      Sorry for the delay in reply barker is still up for foster.
      please give us a call directly on 07931220094

  • Kim Parker

    Is barker still looking for a home

  • Kevin Walton

    Like the look of Barker Brown and feel we can offer him a very nice retirement.
    Is there a reason for his name ie is he a Barker?
    Can you tell me what his temperament like.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello kevin, barker brown was the name he came in with and he is not a barker! for more information on adopting this boy give is us a call on 07931220094

  • Callum

    Is he still looking for a home? Is he good with children?

    • Wolfwood

      HE is still looking. since arriving barker has shown no aggression, hes just old and big !

  • Beverly


    Is Barker still available?

    We have an older dog already that is not particularly interested in playing and sleeps all day apart from when food is a possibility. We also have two cats.

    Could we be a possibility for a foster or long term home for him?

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, thankyou for your enquiry however barker wouldn’t be suitable living with cats sorry.

  • Sarah

    How tall is Barker and is he still available?

  • Rachel Gaskell

    Hi I’m very interested in coming to visit barker

    • Wolfwood

      Wonderful, if you haven’t already please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information regarding barker 🙂

  • Sarah

    Hi do you think he would be OK for an older active lady, my friends mum has had staffies for a number of years and is looking for an older one as a companion since she lost her husband a few years ago. Also do you think he would be OK with a cavalier King Charles spaniel that visits from time to time

    • Wolfwood

      Hello sarah, although he is older he still has lots of strength that he does use to get to scents ect.
      We think barker wouldn’t enjoy having another dog in his home although he walks well with the dogs here he doesn’t like them in his space.

  • Jane Binnion

    Would he be OK with a cat?
    And is he on meds?

  • Kelly Cottam

    Could we come and meet Barker please

  • Julie Le Bas

    Is Barker still available for fostering and if he is, could I come and visit him please?


  • Julie Beard

    Hi.Is Barker still available. I’m in Norfolk, so am I too far.
    I have rehomed from you before a staffY called Marley In 2011, a mature lady, had her for41/2yrs, before pts😢
    She was with Steve’s Mum & Dad in their home.
    Have just lost Dolly from RSPCA had her 5yrs, had bad arthritis in all legs, was on countless medication for pain relief.

  • Linda Rolph

    Please say the lovely Baker has a home now as winter fast approaches? So many kind people i hope he has

  • Linda Rolph

    has the lovely Barker found a nice home yet hopeso

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