This cute lad is 2 year old staffy Rocko who has come in to be rehomed from a home.

Since arriving he has been quite nervous around some of the staff and his surroundings and guards his kennel. Once the kennel is entered he becomes friendly to MOST staff. He still hasn’t taken to a few staff members and for this reason is looking for a child free home.

Rocko walks really well on a lead and he has started walking along side the other dogs and hasn’t shown any signs of aggression towards them. He can be wary of passers by and bikes whilst out walking so you would need to be vigilant on walks. Rocks cannot go off the lead.

Due to some of his behaviours he has shown since arriving his new owner needs to be confident and have pervious experience with dogs with behaviour issues.

If you are interested in adopting rocko please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

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