Sweet girl Jessie is an eight year old Rottweiler.

Jessie’s owner sadly passed away and she needs another loving home. The family members describe her as a really loyal, cuddly and friendly girl, but unfortunately they are unable to keep her. They also said she has sometimes become protective towards her owner.

Since arrival Jessie has been a pleasure to care for and the staff have quickly fallen in love with her.

Although she is eight and can still pull on a lead it’s nothing that isn’t manageable and she will listen when told to walk nicely. Jessie is interested in all the animals on the walk such as sheep, geese horses and cockerels but nothing aggressive.

Jessie is still under assessment and we will update her age soon.

If you are interested in adopting Jessie please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Jessie- RESERVED

  • Carolyn Lowe

    Would it be possible to come and visit her. I have had a Dottie in the past as well as several other dogs. The only thing is that I also own two cats

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