Meet poppy the 14 month old border collie.

Although poppy is cute and fluffy she also comes with many behavioural and physical difficulties and after been under assessment for a long time with us she is now looking for her new home.

Poppy is deaf so needs someone who has trained using sign language before, She has been working on this but we have found it hard to keep her focused due to her anxiety and she isn’t stimulated by treats or toys. When her anxiety kicks in all she wants to do is hide anywhere dark as this is a behaviour she has been allowed to do so her new owner will have to put lots of time and effort into undoing this. She is so used to hiding when she gets into a indoor environment we feel maybe someone with secure outdoor space might be what she needs. When she is disturbed or taken away from her. Poppy has bitten and shown aggression since arriving with us so a confident owner is a must.

Rehoming poppy will be a long hard process so someone who has lots of time and patients who’s willing to work with us and her is needed to gain her trust. Previous dog experience is a must.

Poppy is a beautiful Blue Merle collie. Who is a lovely young dog full of energy and has a zest for life.  She gets on well with other dogs however, Poppy has some behaviour issues relating to being in an home environment these issues include wanting to hide and shut herself away if she becomes unsure and anxious. she becomes anxious in enclosed environments and has been known to bite in addition to this she is deaf. Therefore, Poppy is on the look out for a child free home with someone who can provide her with the training and give her the time, patience and consistency that is needed in order to develop trust.Linda mallard, Happy Harvey’s dog coaching with lin.

If you are interested in adopting poppy please giver us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

4 thoughts on “Poppy- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Min Graham

    My name is Min and and I’ve just lost my pet collie of 12 years.
    I’m retired and very active and so would have all the time in the world for Poppy..I live alone.
    I used to take my Collie dog for several walks each day and days out.
    Truthfully I am not familiar with dog sign language however I am willing to learn and would dedicate my time to Poppy.
    Many thanks Mrs Graham (Min)

    • Wolfwood

      hello min,
      To discuss poppy and her behaviours please give us a call on -7931220094 for more information.

  • Ian Simpson

    She would be a challenge but I have never met a dog I couldn’t communicate with without talking.
    Emotions are much louder than words.
    I would love to meet her and see.
    We would all know within 30 seconds whether we have a bond.

    • Wolfwood

      Poppy struggles to stay focused and engage with people. Her bad eyes combined with no hearing makes this more difficult due to her not liking toys or treats.
      Poppy is fine and friendly on first meetings it is in a home or sheltered environment when she begins to show the unwanted behaviours.
      Anyone wanting to rehome her must follow our training plan.
      if you think you have what it takes give us a call 🙂

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