Diva & Bailey- ARE ON A HOME TRIAL

Meet the cute couple Diva the 11 year old Labrador and Bailey the 6 year old Yorkshire terrier.

These two have come in to be rehomed through no fault of their own and they are looking for someone who could hopefully rehome them both together.

Diva- She is the more confident of the two and despite her age she still loves going for walks and can be strong on a lead. She is a lovely nature, loves cuddles and is always looking around and taking in her surroundings. She has caused no problems since arriving.

Bailey- Sweet little bailey is much more reserved and will make sure that diva has checked out the area first. He is stuck to her side and can be a little bit timid at first, he will also panic if diva gets too far away. Once Divas has OK’d everything for him he soon comes out of his shell and becomes another lovely natured dog. The staff have no concerns for him.

We understand its hard to rehome two dogs But we feel they’d be better rehomed as a pair at this moment in time.

If you are interested in adopting Diva & Bailey please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

17 thoughts on “Diva & Bailey- ARE ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Sandra Howson

    I am new to the site and want to know how i go about adoption of a dog please

    • Wolfwood

      Hi sandra,
      Take a look at the dogs and if any interest you give us a call on 7931220094 for a informal chat regarding the dog(s) you’re interested in.

    • Andrew Kelly

      My name is Andy Kelly and my wife is Jo Kelly we would be so interested in these 2 likkle babes
      Kind regards
      Andy Kelly

      • Wolfwood

        Hi andrew, diva and bailey are currently reserved.
        please keep checking the websites for updates!:)

  • Carolyn Lowe

    I have two cats at home and would like to know if these dogs would be ok with them. I would love to give them both a home. My husband is due to retire in afew months and we are looking for a dog for him for company while I am at work.

  • Charlotte Gibson

    Hiya, how do you think they would be with 2 primary school aged children who are used to large breed dogs? Thanks!

    • Wolfwood

      Hello charlotte, diva is fine however bailey is quite timid and may be scared of children.

  • Chris Henig

    We adopted a ‘team’ of two dogs from Wolfwood 18 months ago and would like to reassure anyone who is in two minds (sorry!!) about taking on two dogs. Bonded dogs support one another in so many ways. You can also be assured of great support from Wolfwood if needed. Our two settled in quite quickly despite having experienced the trauma of the sudden loss of their owners, and we haven’t had a moment’s regret about giving them a forever home.

  • Tanya

    I have 3 dogs. All aged over 10, my lab is nearly 14. I am looking to adopt 2 dogs (companions if possible) to join our family.

    Would love to consider these two. We have a cocker spaniel and a miniature daschund so are used to size differentials.

    I have 2 children under 10 (and 3 adult children) who have grown up with dogs.

    Thank you!

    • Wolfwood

      Hi tanya, someone is booked to come meet them tomorrow morning.
      please keep your eye on the website for updates then give us a call thankyou!

  • steven

    hello, I’m steve I’m 64 I live alone I am disabled after surviving a stroke4 years ago. I spend all day alone and I would like to adopt a dog for company sadly I cannot walk to far so I would like a small perhaps an older dog who would be content in a safe warm comfy forever home he/she would not be left on their own I have carerswho come3times adayso they could take the dog out for a walk around the grove I live on a sheltered housing grove in Morecambe it’s very quiet, all the residents being mainly elderly,some with disabilities I would love to have a companion to brighten my day up I hope you can help me find a soulmate for me. thank you.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello Steven, we don’t have anything in that fits the bill at the minute but please keep checking our website then give us a call if anything comes up!
      Us and many other rescues are low on dogs at the minute but were sure the right one will come along soon!

  • Amanda Waterhouse

    I loved these two gorgeous dogs. Am devastated that they reacted badly with my cat.
    They travel well in a car. Diva is quite vocal but in a sweet way.
    Bailey just sleeps on the back seat.
    They both jumped into the car so no issues there.

  • Natalie

    Hi, I live alone (children recently flown nest) and now only go to work two days/week (due to social distancing). Do you think Diva and Bailey would be ok being left alone if I got a dog walker in on those days? I have had a lab before and do lots of walking at weekends, and have a big garden. Thanks

    • Wolfwood

      Hello Diva and Bailey have got someone coming to see them tomorrow, worth keeping an eye on the website and give us a call on 0793120094 to book an appointment thanks

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