Sweet oldie Banzai is our ten year old lovable Lurcher.

Banzai may be old but he still loves coming out of his kennel for a walk and he keeps up well with the other dogs no problem. He does pull on a lead slightly but he’s slowly learning.

He is an absolute angel and we can’t fault him at all. He is great with other dogs and would love nothing more than a person who can give him some time, as all he wants is your love and attention.

Banzai would let you cuddle him ALL day and the staff wish they had time to give him the snuggles he wants and deserves. He is loved by everyone who meets him and all the staff will be sad to see him go.

Due to his breed we would recommend a home where there are no small fast moving animals ( Although we think he’d be fine).

Banzai has recently had a operation to remove a large lump on his side more details of this will be given over the phone. As expected from an old dog he has a few more small lumps and bumps !

If you are interested in meeting our wonderful old man please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Banzai-IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • jess burns

    Oh my gosh I love him! We have a crazy staffxridgeback who is just 4. Is he super playful?

    • Wolfwood

      hi jess, Banzai is now reserved but keep your eye out for updates.
      He is not playful he is very calm and relaxed you barely hear a peep from him !

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