Impressive looking girl Charley the Rottweiler is around 5years old.

Charley needs a owner who has the knowledge and experience of this kind of breed. Charley can be strong on a lead and is very intelligent. She is on the lookout for a home with no children and with someone who can be her boss.

She does like her own space sometimes, even if she loves to invade yours when she wants attention.

Her love for attention doesn’t stop her from being nervous when she meets someone and is getting to know them, this can lead to unwanted behaviours such as snapping so a confident owner who can read a dogs body language is a must! Once she gets to know you she’s a great girl, all the staff and volunteers love her.

If you are interested in adopting Charley please call: 07931220094 for more information.

3 thoughts on “Charley

  • Pauline hodgson

    I’ve had 3 rotties before and they are great, I live alone and due to my job I’m home in bursts so I’m hoping this may suit

  • Logan Denciks

    Is she okay with cats and other dogs?
    If so, is she still available?

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