Cute boy Alife is a 9 year old Maltese.

He has come to us to be rehomed through no fault of his own and is now looking for a nice calm household where he can get lots of cuddles.

Alfie can be nervous around new dogs and since arriving he gets along better with calm relaxed dogs and runs away from excitable ones, he has shown no sign of aggression. He is also now living in a kennel with another dog.

His previous owner has described him as amazing and loving, who is just a little bit clingy.

He walks well on a lead and will make someone a great little dog!

If you are interested in adopting Alfie please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

8 thoughts on “Alfie-IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Annmarie benyon

    Hi my mum is very interested in Alfie. If he ends up back up for rehoming please can you let me know. Many thanks.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, he is still currently reserved please keep your eye on the website for changes, thankyou

  • Sue Fletcher

    I am also looking for a dog for my mum. She is very good with small dogs is home all day and would look after Alfie. If he becomes available please get in touch.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello alfie has someone visiting tomorrow keep and eye on the website for updates !

  • Tracey Jardine

    Hi there. Is Alfie still reserved or can I come and meet with him please? Thankyou.

  • Simon Auty

    can you let us know if alfie becomes available as he is perfect for my mum

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