Meet betty the sweet 2 year old Bedlington whippet .

Betty is a lovely girl who gets along with almost everyone. she loves cuddles and attention to the point where it becomes a problem for her.

Betty has separation anxiety and hates to be left alone for any amount of time so she’s looking for a home with other dogs or where her new owner works from home permanently .

Other than her separation anxiety the staff have no concerns and feel she’d make a great companion and happy new addition to most households.

If you are interested in adopting betty please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

14 thoughts on “Betty- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Eleanor Walker

    I can see Pepper is reserved but if it doesn’t work out for her we would def be interested. I permanently work from home. I do leave for school runs and work commitments but not every day and not for any longer then a couple of hours. We also having a very loving And playful staffy that would appreciate the company. We walk the staffy each morning and evening and really long walks at the weekends.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, are you enquiring about pepper or betty.?
      Pepper is currently no reserved but betty is.
      Please give us a call for more information regarding the dogs 🙂

  • Jeanette Arkwright

    Hello there , Betty would be the ideal dog for me. I am a 65 year old, always at home, can take Betty to the top field for frisby throwing. Also have an adult daughter who loves dogs, she would also take Betty out regulary. I am a responsible dog owner. I owned a pedigree whippet for 15 years, love sight hounds… in the past have also owned a cairn terrier, and as a child in the 50’s and 60’s always had doggie friends, and later, dogs of my own, including a poodle.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello jeanette,
      Betty is still reserved but please keep checking the website and look at our other dogs and call us on the number provided.

  • Helen miller

    Hi – please let me know if Betty’s rehiring doesn’t work out. Thank you


    • Wolfwood

      Hello helen,
      Please keep checking out the website for regular updates on the dogs! Thankyou.

  • Sandra Howson

    If Betty is not rehommed i would be very intrested. I live on my own and would love to adopt her. X

    • Wolfwood

      Please keep checking the website for updates and give us a call.
      please take a look at our other dogs for adoption.

  • Jen

    Hi, I left a message on the above phone number to say if Betty becomes available again we would be very interested, j

    • Wolfwood

      Hello jen.
      Thankyou, please also keep checking the website for updates!

  • Barbara Jasper

    Hi I would love Betty as got a 4 year old Bedlington that would love a playmate

    • Wolfwood

      Hello Barbara, betty is currently reserved.
      please keep checking the website for updates:) thankyou.

  • Nicola Stacy

    Hello, if nothing is suitable for Betty, I am very interested in adopting her. I saw her at the vets this morning and I would love to have a chance if things do not work out with her current adoption proposal. I work from home full time and I have 1 other dog who is a wire fox terrier and who is 4 years old and he is lovely and very friendly. No kids and I live alone.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello nicola, please keep your eye on the website for updates and changes and give us a call on the number, thankyou !

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