Big lad Rio is our one year old Mastiff x Ridgeback.

This energetic boy is looking for a strong firm handler who can teach him basic manners, as we believe he’s had little training before coming to us.

He is a typical high energetic young dog who needs lots of exercise and stimulation, but will make a brilliant dog in the right hands.

Although Rio is friendly we would recommend a household with older or no children, as he is very big and bouncy.

If you are interested in adopting Rio please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

6 thoughts on “Rio-RESERVED

  • David coulton

    Could I come visit rio pls

    • Wolfwood

      Someone is booked in to come see rio. please keep and eye on the website for updates.

  • Paula Spensley

    Hi. Is Rio OK to live with another male dog?

    • Wolfwood

      Rio seems ok with other dogs just very full on.
      Someone is coming to see him friday so check for updates soon. thankyou

  • Dion

    I was looking at this dog for a family pet we’ve had a dog like this before and trained her

    • Wolfwood

      Rio is now reserved sorry.
      please keep your eye on the website for updates and new arrivals.

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