Meet Buster the two year old Pomeranian.

Buster has come to us through no fault of his own. He is described as a cuddly little guy who loves attention and kisses… once he knows you!

Buster is very nervous around new people especially men and this results in him growling and barking. Buster doesn’t get along with all dogs and is scared of larger breeds, but since arriving he is walking well among the others and making a few friends.

We feel Buster is best as a one person dog as he becomes attached to one person and prefers females. He’s looking for a calm household and a firm owner.

If you are interested in meeting Buster please call 07931220094 for more information.

12 thoughts on “Buster- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • gill

    Hi interested in buster I work in your bowerham shop and I’m after a small dog as I lost my gs last year

    • Wolfwood

      Hey gill,
      buster is reserved but give us a call regarding other dogs!

  • Mark Shraga

    Hello, we are very interested in adopting Buster – we have an 8yr old daughter, will she be ok with him?

    • Wolfwood

      Hello, buster is now reserved.
      Please take a look at our other dogs for adoption and keep an eye on the website.

  • Mark Preston

    Is buster still reserved???

  • Ryan Woodhall

    Hi, my partner and I are very interested in adopting Buster would it be possible to arrange a meet?

  • Jilly

    Hi is buster still reserved?

    • Wolfwood

      yes he is. please keep an eye on the website or take a look at our other dogs for adoption.

  • Debbie parker

    Hello I was wondering if buster is still available? He sounds great for my mum. She lives alone

    • Wolfwood

      hello, buster is currently reserved please keep and eye on the website 🙂

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