Meet the handsome Dennis who is an eight year old Lurcher.

Dennis is lovely to be around since he arrived with us via the stray system.

He can pull on a lead a little bit but it is nothing that can’t be controlled and we feel he will soon learn he isn’t to do this. Dennis loves to look at the sheep and other farm-like animals when out walking, so a home with no rodents, rabbits, cats etc is advised.

Dennis has shown no signs of aggression towards the other dogs, he walks well, just ignores them and gets on enjoying his walk.

If you think you could offer this sweet boy a home then please give us a call on 07931220094 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Dennis- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Sarah Pettifor

    Hi! We’ve currently got a male Lurcher who is 9 years old and we were wondering whether Dennis would be comfortable living with another dog? Our current dog did live with our other Lurcher from 8 months old till her death a couple of years ago.
    Thanks, Sarah

    • Wolfwood

      sorry for the delay in reply.
      Dennis lives in his own kennel but walks well with the other dogs in a pack.
      Please give us a call directly for more information. thankyou.

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