Meet the beautiful Zyna our one year old Bulldog.

Zyna has ended up in our care through no fault of her own. Since arriving she has been a little bit timid but an absolute delight and all of the staff have fallen in love with her.

We quickly realised this sweet girl is in need of a operation on her eyes and we are asking for donations towards her operation so we can get her on the road to recovery and into a home she deserves as soon as possible. Every penny counts! Thank you.

More information about her condition is on the link below.


As you can see both her eyes are very sore.

2 thoughts on “Zyna- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • may halliwell

    Hi can i come and see her as i would love to give her a new home

    • Wolfwood

      Hello sorry but zyna is reserved and due to go to her new home once she has had the all clear from her vet.
      please take a look at our other dogs for adoption.

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