Meet Roxy the 3 – 4year old Lurcher Cross German Shepherd.

Roxy is full of beans and on the look out for someone who will enjoy taking her for walks and keeping her mind occupied and busy.

Roxy is a very friendly girl who loves attention and cuddles. She needs someone confident who has owned dogs before as she is in need of a bit of guidance and training.

Although Roxy can be excited when she first comes out, she settles down and will walk well on a lead on her own and around other dogs when she knows she has to. Although Roxy gets along with some dogs she can be dominant in a home environment so she’s looking for a dog free home.

If you are interested in adopting Roxy call: 07931220094 for more information.

20 thoughts on “Roxy- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Beth Procter

    Can Roxy live with kids and another dog

    • Wolfwood

      Roxy is very friendly. She used to live with another dog “woody”.
      just be a case of meeting 🙂 please give us a call on 07931220094

  • Jake Macham

    Has she had any experience of living with a dog friendly cat?

  • Joan

    I’m used to Alsatians but need a smaller version, is she lurched size?

  • Kelly A

    Hi, would it be possible to come and do a meet and greet with our dog on Friday (14.02) to see how they get along?

  • Katrina

    Is Roxy still available?

  • Cath

    Hi. Does Roxy have any known health issues or musculoskeletal related problems… Such as the arching spine found in the show-line German Shepherds. Thanks.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello cath. as far as we are aware roxy is a healthy happy very bouncy girl !!!

  • Alan Ainsworth

    Hi is Roxy still looking for a forever home. We have a dog currently who is used to being with other dogs and we’d love to meet Roxy and see if they get on together.

    • Wolfwood

      Hello Alan, Roxy has recently come back to us due to her behaviour towards he other dog in the household.
      We have now updated her page. Please do take a look at our other dogs for adoption or keep and eye on the website for new arrivals.
      Thankyou for taking the time to look at our dogs for adoption.

  • Laurie

    Is Roxy still looking for a home?

    • Wolfwood

      yes she is 🙂
      please call us directly for further information. thankyou !

  • Dan

    Hi there is roxy still available and good with kids I have a 4 year old and looking for a very active/friendly dog.

    • Wolfwood

      Roxy is good with people but is very bouncy and hyperactive and this may lead to knocking young children over.

  • Jess

    Hi, is roxy good with children? And been left on her own for short periods of time ? Thank you

    • Wolfwood

      Roxy is good with people but is bouncy and hyperactive so depending on the children’s age may lead to knocking them over !
      Previous owners didn’t mention any bad behaviours inside the house 🙂

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