Meet Dakota our Border Collie who is 2 years old and quite a handful. Dakota needs a confident owner, preferably one who has experience in dealing with this intelligent and high energy breed.

Dakota needs firm guidance as she is not happy around other dogs and can become quite dominant, so a dog free home will be ideal.

With a knowledgeable new owner who has the time and patience to work with her Dakota will be fantastic. Since working with Linda our dog trainer we have noticed this lovely girl is very intelligent and eager to learn lots of new things, she just needs someone who’s willing to work with her.

If your interest is adopting dakota please call: 07931220094 for more information.

6 thoughts on “Dakota- IS ON A HOME TRIAL

  • Heidi collinge

    Is Dakota still for addopting ?please let me know.thank you

  • Mr Martin Millar

    Hi I have already got a border collie who was also a rescue dog, she is female and I have had her from the age of 18 months and is now coming up to 5th birthday this year she is also nervous near other dogs and sits down if one comes passed her. She really needs a friend as she is on the go a lot I was wondering if Heidi would be a good friend and companion for her as she loves to play with a ball on the park.
    Please if it is possible for me to visit you and see Heidi as jenny (dog) goes everywhere with me, except Sunday when I’m leading a service.

  • Andrew Stokes


    We have previously had a ‘rescue’ border collie who died prematurely of kidney failure. I would hope that Dakota has been re homed by now but if not then we would like to visit and meet her.

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